The V2-Cigs – A Winning Choice in E-Cigs

There is a growing trend around the country for people to try an exciting new product known as electronic cigarettes. One version of the E-Cig in particular is the set of high-quality disposable E-Cigs that people can try long before they invest in an actual starter kit. People all over are raving about disposable E-Cigarettes because they help individuals break the undesirable tobacco smoking habit. In addition, smokers are able to easily transition to a far better smokeless type cigarette routine. Perhaps one of the best deals available today on the market for disposables is that of the V2-Cig. In fact, the 2013 leading brand of electronic cigarette in the US is the V2. With more than one million satisfied users recently achieved just last summer, the V2 is setting the standard for disposables that offer exceptional quality and outstanding value.

E-Cigarettes Are Hard to Resist

Imagine an electronic cigarette that requires no constant refilling, no maintenance or time-consuming recharging and troublesome reordering of cartridges.  This is what the disposable E-Cig offers users on a daily basis. Best of all these popular disposable E-Cigarettes arrive loaded and ready to use. People that work with our site began with disposable electronic cigarettes and we all had wished that disposable E-Cigs had been around during that period.

The Same High Quality as V2’s

As a known leader in the electronic cigarette industry V2 Cigs has consistently produced top-quality E-Cigarettes that have a proven track record and that has catapulted the company to a market leader. With the introduction of the disposable E Cigs the company took another huge leap as an industry leader. The good news for product users is that the disposable E Cigs maintain the same high quality as V2’s full range of starter kits and related accessories. The conventional wisdom among those who enjoy quality E-Cigarettes is that the disposable E Cigs are far and away the best disposable type electronic cigarettes available today. In fact, we even ordered a pack so that we could try this amazing product too.

Options available with the V2 disposable E Cigs

Those who honestly enjoy a quality E-Cigarette will be glad to know that the disposable V2 Cigs come complete with a variety of highly desirable options. For example, users have a choice between tobacco flavor and menthol flavor. While this may not seem like a wide variety of flavors, those who enjoy E-Cigarette should rest assured that tobacco flavor and menthol flavor are really the two most notable flavors in the E-Cigarette world. In addition, users can choose between 6mg and 16mg in terms of strength. The 6mg can be compared to a light tobacco type cigarette, while the 16mg is usually compared to a regular tobacco cigarette.

Disposables Come in Packs

Along with choices in flavor and strength comes another decision for the user as to how many actual disposable E Cigs they would like to buy. V2-Cigs disposables are offered in a variety of packs including twenty, ten, five, as well as three.  While the 3-pack is reasonably priced at only $24.95, it is the 20-pack priced at just $139.95 where users start to see incredible savings based on volume purchasing. For example, the 3-pack provides for a higher unit price of around $9, while the 20-pack offers substantial savings bringing the cost per unit down to around only $7 per disposable E Cig. We could hardly resist and purchased the 20-pack as a way for all of us to sample this wonderful product and have a few to use along the way. We made some amazing discoveries.

V2 Disposable E-Cigs – A Detailed Rating Review


Amazing Battery Life and Incredible Longevity – Score 100 (out of a possible 100)

The V2-Cigs have a remarkable battery life that is perhaps one of the best in the industry. There is little question that the company integrated some of their popular battery technology that is typically used in starter kits into these incredible disposable E Cigs. Battery life typically allowed for an average of nearly 400 puffs at which point battery charge would drop off. Getting this type of performance out of a disposable E cigarette battery is astonishing. Under those conditions a smoker that typically smokes two packs per week will easily get the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes in terms of product.

Overall Quantity of Vapor and Quality of Vapor – Score 100 (out of a possible 100)

While the V2-Cigs are known for their amazing vapor clouds typical among all of their starter kits that we sampled, the big question would remain regarding the volume of vapor available from disposable V2-Cigs. To our delight and surprise we experienced abundant vapor clouds from these incredible disposable electronic cigarettes that almost always guaranteed intensely powerful throat hits that were reminiscent of traditional type cigarettes.

Overall Value – Score 90 (out of a possible 100)

While the larger packs of E cigarette disposables purchased through V2 do indeed offer the best value, one thing is certain and that is that no matter the size of the pack, you can expect an amazing deal. On average a disposable can be expected to last around 3 days or on average 400 puffs. Keeping that kind of performance in mind and knowing that you’ll be paying roughly $7 per-unit is quite encouraging. In fact, most people eventually choose to go with a standard starter kit to take full advantage of all that E-cigarettes have to offer. Whatever the case may be, the disposable V2 Cigs are an excellent product that leaves traditional tobacco cigarettes in the dust with regard to price, convenience and overall health concerns.

Customer Satisfaction and Shipping Issues – Score 100 (out of a possible 100)

In the world of E-cigarettes one company stands out with regard to the ultimate in customer satisfaction and that is without question V2-Cigs. With quality customer service and lightning-fast shipping this is a company that is getting noticed. Customer service is comprised of both online real-time assistance as well as attentive telephone customer service. When we ordered our disposable V2 Cigs we were impressed with a speedy shipment in just under 3 days. Few companies in the industry can compare with regard to customer satisfaction and overall shipping issues.

Disposable V2 E-Cigarettes – The Final Word

Anyone considering testing the waters of the latest in electronic cigarette products will find that V2 disposables are indeed a perfect starting place. While standard starter kits are a great option for some, the V2 disposables are an excellent entry point for anybody who may be curious about the pleasures of E-cigarettes. One thing that stood out more than anything else during our review of these fabulous products is that disposables offer smokers the unique ability to enjoy E-cigarettes without the concern for constantly refilling and recharging. Those who are ready to take a completely new approach to smoking should consider disposable E-cigarettes. Best of all, you can break the tobacco habit and have fun doing it.

V2 Cigarettes

V2 Cigarettes are an innovative new brand of electronic cigarettes that have taken the world by storm. Electronic cigarettes have grown exponentially as a commodity in recent years and V2 have been at the forefront of that movement. Many smokers feel that the V2 brand is the one that stands out from the crowd, and it’s easy to see why V2 has this reputation. The creators of V2 have a passion for this new and exciting form of smoking and the technology that goes along with it – the quality of the products shines through because of this.

V2 Promotions and Coupons

V2 are always offering great money saving coupons to E-Cig enthusiasts. E-cigs are a hot product in the world of smoking and V2 love to reward their customers with fantastic deals, promotions and money off coupons. There are coupons for E-cigs available that will take between 5% and 15% off absolutely any product, with some of the higher percentage coupons being usable on the ever-desirable starter kit. The great thing about these coupons is that it isn’t uncommon to find a catch-all E-cig 10% off code – and even better is that this code can be used at any time, indefinitely. Even better still, is that it can be used on absolutely anything from the V2 web store. These coupons and promotions are a great way for the new customer or the loyal existing customer to stock up on great value V2 products, such as the E-cig, Eliquid, starter kits, and more. We strongly recommend that anybody with even a passing interest in V2 Cigs takes the time to write down the coupon number/code or save it in their web browser bookmarks page. Don’t forget about this amazing offer, and keep that code to hand when it comes time to make the purchase.

The Appeal

Many ask about the appeal of electronic smoking, as for the uninitiated, it may seem to be a confusing concept. The truth is, it’s actually a very simple concept that is also rather ingenious. The process works by heating up Eliquid inside the electronic cigarette (which looks much like a real cigarette) and then the ‘vapor’ is released for the smoker to inhale. This is known in the E-cig world as ‘vaping’. Vaping is essentially the process of smoking the E cig is somewhat synonymous with the term ‘smoking’. The V2 E cig is made up of three parts, the battery, the filter, and the Eliquid chamber. All in all, it holds the appearance of a regular cigarette but with the smooth, satisfying flavor of an E-cig. Of course, a huge part of the appeal is also related to health – E-Cigs have been shown in early scientific reports to be a safer alternative to smoking, and for many this is a huge draw in improving their overall health.

Money Saving

It’s true that V2 E-cigs can save a lot of money for smokers. Regular cigarettes will often cost thousands of dollars per year to purchase on a daily basis, whereas the E-cig only requires the one-time purchase of the equipment itself, and then Eliquid top ups. The decrease in spending is dramatic and it’s easy to see why many make the switch from tobacco to E-cigs. On top of the general, yearly savings, V2 are always looking to attract new customers with their generous coupon deals – commonly offered in amounts of 10% and up, these coupons are good forever and can be used for just about anything in the online store. This is a deal that many people are jumping on right now as it has the potential to offer huge savings, especially on the pricier starter kits.

Why V2?

Let’s say the person reading this is sold on the idea of the E-cig, but may not necessarily know why to pick V2. The answer is simple: quality through and through. There’s a reason that V2 is one of the oldest and best selling E-cig brands on the market. The company founders and scientists that concoct the formulas for the Eliquid, along with the cutting edge technology that go into the cigarettes, have a true passion for this new form of smoking and that shows in the quality of the product. Many electronic cigarette reviews point to V2 as the pinnacle of the brand in this early conception stage of E-cigs – the popularity of the V2 products can be read on V2 cig reviews all over the web. It seems very likely that E-cigs are around to stay, and as long as they are here, V2 will also remain strong and reliable.

Don’t forget, V2 coupons are available and should absolutely be used by everybody with an interest in purchasing electronic cigarettes. It’s also a great idea to pass these coupon codes around with friends, so that everybody can get in on the smoking industry’s best kept secret.